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04 January 2011 @ 02:21 pm
The Knight Shipping Week on camelot_knights inspired me to make some Icons (and by some I mean 32) featuring various Knight!Ships.


even more Knight!Ships behind the cutCollapse )

Feel free to snag and use them. You may also add text to them or edit them otherwise.  
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04 January 2011 @ 01:14 pm
I just want to let you know I'm back. I cleaned up my Journal, deleted a lot of posts that contained broken links and pictures and now I'm ready to post some new stuff. My current obsession is "Merlin" (the BBC Version) so you soon will see Icons and other stuff about it in my Journal. I'm also going to repost some of my older fanworks so stay tuned and enjoy your stay ;)  
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23 June 2006 @ 01:03 pm
Well I'm sick and have to stay at home. What I do when I've got a lot of freetime you can see here:

Everlasting - a Jarlie movie Trailer

Kind of AU: sets one year after the rescue. Charlie built up a new life (with Claire and Aaron). But he still thinks about the Island and the fact that he and Jack fell in love there.
Then one day a letter arrives – Jack’s going to marry a Woman (Sarah) and invites Charlie.

The following days confront Charlie with his past – will he also find his future?

Watch it here

Download it here

Enjoy :) ... and please tell me what you think about it.
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01 May 2006 @ 02:46 pm
Beloved enemy

Song and Artist: "Breaking the habit" - Linkin Park; "Take me as I am" - TONIC; "Until the day I die" - story of the year
Pairing: Sawyer/Kate
Category Description: AU; movie Trailer

Summary: Both Kate and Sawyer are assassins, then they get the order to kill each other... but fall in love with each other. (the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Smith paired up with our beloved Lost Characters)

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19 March 2006 @ 10:53 pm
I've made a Jawyer vid!

Vid Title: Far away
Vidder: klein_monsti
Artist: Nickelback
Category: Slash
Characters: Jack, Sawyer
Pairings: Jack/Sawyer
Summary: Season2, Sawyer misses Jack, he was far away for far too long.

Jawyer is love
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19 March 2006 @ 01:19 pm
Für dich (for you)

Author: klein_Monsti
language: german
Disclaimer: only mine in my dreams
Genre: Oneshort; Drama/Tragedy
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Warning: Slash (don’t like, don’t read), sad, Character death

Please Read and Review

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